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AD2012 Archives - Hell o' Vin

*~Hell o' Vin Bundle~*
1evin presents
a cliff hanger for coming series

AD2008 ARCHIVES - Denovo Ark Station

2008 Room & Furniture Vault - Denovo Ark Station. A haven with many modern technologies. It is build for the regathering of arks all over the world if critical disaster hits.

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AD2007 ARCHIVES - White Valentine Beach

2007 Room & Furniture Vault - White Valentine Beach. It was one of the 1st two non official Room & Furniture bundle. It has more than 30 uniques poses, 6 animated furnitures. This vault was published on 14th March 2007, it became Best selling beach for more than 1 month.The design concept is based on a friend's ideal dating venue. The released date is her birthday.

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AD2006 ARCHIVES - Mafia's Base

2006 Scenes. There was no Room & Furniture at the beginning of IMVU. In the period of 2004-2006, most of the unofficial scenes are a 2D board behind chatters. Therefore, rich-poses 3D scenes easilly become hot items for a short period of time in the 4th season of 2006 in IMVU world. There were 14 original scenes presented by levin8388 (1evin previous nickname). Early days IMVU users should have these memories: 1st riding scene, 1st fashion runway, 1st walking animation, 1st rich poses scene, 1st x'mas in outer space, 1st street corner you see a beggar, 1st bbq scene with a open space beach side, 1st star gazing scene, 1st swing, 1st bar operates 247 in imvu, 1st apartment you & your beloved one dance and stay......

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AD2006 ARCHIVES - Mystical Diving

to be updated........
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